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  1. News from Drive Tesla Canada
    Mercedes Benz dealers join Ford by adding $50K 'market adjustment' to EQS pricing One of the advantages of buying a vehicle directly from Tesla is their direct sales model. Visiting multiple dealerships to haggle and negotiate the best price is a thing of the past. All you have to do is visit...
  2. News from Drive Tesla Canada
    Ford dealers nearly doubling price of F-150 Lightning with 'market adjustments' Earlier this month we told you about a Ford dealership in Foxborough, Massachusetts telling customers they would need to pay a $5,000 "market adjustment" to guarantee a spring delivery of the F-150 Lightning. That...
  3. Model 3: Maintenance & Repair
    I found corrosion on the trunk height adjuster studs. Anyone else have this issue? Unscrew yours and check. My model 3 is 2 months old.
  4. Mountain Pass Performance
    Correct rear camber change caused by lower ride height, improve steering response and stability. Ask us about our special discount on Camber/Toe arms when purchased with our Comfort or Sports Coilovers! When you lower your Model 3, the rear suspension will gain negative camber which must...
1-4 of 4 Results