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  1. Model X: Customizing & Modifications
    Alignment: Are your tires fighting? Alignment is often discussed in motorsports as one of the factors in the setup behavior of cars. It is also discussed among people who modify cars or repair badly-damaged cars. While alignment specifications are seriously important to the safety, economy...
  2. Northeast
    My 2021M3LR has over 37,500 miles on it in 15 months. Gone through my first tire change, replacing Michelin primals, to Continental. Not impressed so far with the Continentals, which have decreased the range, anecdotally by only 2-3% per drive. I drive usually 158 miles per day 4-5 days per...
  3. Personal Introductions
    I have a problem with front suspension I've replaced all. Front lower arms but looking at ballpjoint it appears to out of alignment im trying to get info off tesla no satisfaction so I was hoping someone can help me here. Did 4 wheel alignment. 🤔 still a noise Thanks colin
  4. Model Y: Maintenance & Repair
    Has anybody had their Model Y aligned to find out the camber is out of spec?
  5. Mountain Pass Performance
    Pure connection to the road, precision adjustment capability. Ask us about our special discount on Camber/Toe arms when purchased with our Comfort or Sports Coilovers! If you lower your Model 3, you may find that you run out of adjustment of the factory toe adjuster. In addition, the...
  6. Mountain Pass Performance
    Correct rear camber change caused by lower ride height, improve steering response and stability. Ask us about our special discount on Camber/Toe arms when purchased with our Comfort or Sports Coilovers! When you lower your Model 3, the rear suspension will gain negative camber which must...
  7. Model 3: Maintenance & Repair
    Hi All, Just received delivery of my Model 3 yesterday. Absolutely beautiful car! Build quality overall appears very good with absolutely flawless panel gaps. Really seems very well put together. One exception to the above - my glass roof (piece between windshield and rear glass) appears...
1-7 of 7 Results