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  1. Tesla Discussions
    I just wrote this short article about how to add a button to your Apple WatchFace to warm up the cabin: https://link.medium.com/GJnBgsC3xeb
  2. Tesla Tech Talk
    **This is unofficial M3OC forum thread for feature request and support for Commands for Tesla iOS and watchOS app** Commands for Tesla adds Siri Shortcuts, today widget and Apple Watch support for your Tesla vehicle. In this forum thread, I will answer to all questions, feature requests, and bug...
  3. Tesla Tech Talk
    Given there is no physical key w/ the Model 3 and it depends on your mobile device, was wondering if anyone has tried using a new Apple Watch 3 Cellular without their cell phone on them. If/when that's possible that'd be the dream. Only thing in my pocket would be my license. Could control my...
1-3 of 3 Results