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  1. Emblems Only
    Hey Everybody, I hope you're enjoying the long holiday weekend. Just wanted to let the owners know we have a LIMITED EDITION color "T" Badge available now which some may be interested in. SKY BLUE Anodized Aluminum Finish! This color looks especially sharp in person under direct sunlight...
  2. Tesla cars for sale
    I ordered a Model Y, Dual Motor, White with 20" wheels, 7 seater, tow hitch in white. Due to be delivered in late July-August. Changed my mind about color, would like blue instead. Trade for: blue Model Y, dual motor, 7 seater with tow hitch. Either wheel type. If same wheel type, would offer...
  3. News from Drive Tesla Canada
    Kelly Blue Book names Ford Mustang Mach-E best buy Kelly Blue Book named the Ford Mustang Mach-E as the "EV Best Buy of 2022". The automotive research company praised Mach-E for its usability and performance. In fact, Kelly Blue Book enjoyed it so much they dubbed the vehicle the "Sports Car...
  4. Electric Vehicles
    Strangely, we don't appear to have a dedicated thread about this vehicle yet. Mission E Turns Taycan I'm happy to see somebody else putting out a non-econobox EV. While I bet they'll have a difficult time winning over Tesla owners, I think this will sell well to existing Porsche owners...
  5. Model 3: Customizing & Modifications
    Yes, this is a little crazy, but I thought I'd share anyway for those that may be interested. Last night I finished up my first liquid wrap attempt on my Model 3. If you're unfamiliar, liquid wrap (ie. plastidip, proline, autoflex, raail, etc) is a spray-on wrap that can be removed (similar to a...
  6. Personal Introductions
    In true fashion that only I can manage, on Tuesday I got hit by a rock the size of a baseball on I-35 heading to... Round Rock. Wednesday was my one-week delivery anniversary. Blue Velvet is in the shop until Tuesday. Fingers crossed that the hood repaint looks good as new!
  7. Model 3: Design
    Plan A is that when I get my TM3, I'll get a chromatic blue vinyl wrap put on it. But I'd love to see it photoshopped with one in the meantime. Anyone have the photoshop chops?
  8. Model 3: Reserving, Ordering, Production, Delivery
    Hi, i'm having a hard time choosing the color for my Model 3. During the reveal i was WOW about the matte black and wanted that one. One day later i decided matt black is not going to be it due to maintenance involved. The other colors shown so far: * Red * Silver * Blue Between the red and...
1-8 of 8 Results