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  1. Model 3
    Hi all. I'm working on Tesla model 3 with direct connection with the CAN bus. I'm using python3 pyserial package. While I was trying to read the speed (ID 0x257) (filtering incoming data with b'\x08\x00\x00\x02\x57'), I found that so many packets make no sense. Most of the packets are not real...
  2. Tesla Tech Talk
    I've slowly released my in-dash gauges for Model 3 and Model Y but never made a formal announcement, and would like a thread for any questions or discussion. The microDisplay can display thousands of signals from your Tesla's CAN bus and is engineer specifically to be hidden within the...
  3. Tesla Tech Talk
    Summary: updated Oct 2, 2019 This thread is our attempt to acquire and decode performance and other data from the serial networks in the Model 3. We finally gained access, recorded data, and decoded a lot of powertrain CAN data in early 2019. But there's still a lot more unknown! Additional help...
1-3 of 3 Results