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  1. Southeast
    If you know of any groups in Florida, could be so kind as to post a link or something so others (me) could find them? Thanks
  2. Site Help and Suggestions
    Since we're a world-wide enthusiasts group we're seeing some interest with members wanting to do local meetups to talk about Model 3 and EVs. Given that I can't attend meetups other than what is local to me (Toronto and Southern Ontario) I'm willing to supply local TOO meetups with our official...
  3. California
    Hey, y’all. I’m just wondering if we have many folks from the Bay Area on here. It'd be cool to meet up and Talk Tesla. Perhaps a group factory tour?
  4. Canada
    Here's a list of Tesla Clubs in Canada one can join. If you know more let us know and we'll comebine them on this list. Southern Ontario Tesla Owners Club http://southernontario.teslaownersclub.ca/ BC Tesla Owners Club http://bc.teslaownersclub.ca/ Quebec Tesla Owners Club...
1-4 of 4 Results