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  1. Model 3
    I recently bought 4 almost new set of 2021 M3 18” OEM tires from friends think to replace my 2019 M3 tires. But how do I know if those tires come with BT TPMS or RF sensors? I think they might come with BT, if that’s the case, how do I swap from my old tires to new ones? Do you think Tesla will...
  2. Model Y: Customizing & Modifications
    I’ve seen a few Y with a thin black spoiler. I don’t see it for sale on the official Tesla website. Anyone know where I can get one? I’ll try to post pics of one next time I come across one. Thanks
  3. Model Y
    Hello everyone. I am new to the EV ownership and this community. I bought my car just a few months ago and have been trying to find answer to some questions. Happy to find this forum to post my question. Hopefully more experienced owners will share some answers. Here they are: 1- Does my break...
1-3 of 3 Results