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  1. Tesla Experiences
    While my Model 3 is in service, I’ve had the chance to drive a Model S as my regular driver. The first EV I wanted was a Model S, but the 3 was what was affordable to me (and honestly more my size). I’m not feeling super fond of that size now (and a few other things, but what I really want to...
  2. News from Drive Tesla Canada
    Side-by-side performance comparison of AMD Ryzen and Intel Atom processors Tesla quietly upgraded the Model Y Performance in China last week with a brand new AMD Ryzen processor, a piece of hardware that was previously limited to the refresh Model S and Model X. We have already seen how the...
  3. Model Y: Reserving, Ordering, Production, Delivery
    In case anyone's wondering what a Model Y would be like compared to a Model 3-well, at least one person's opinions about that-I thought I'd pass along some first-day impressions of Model Y from the perspective of someone who's driven a Model 3 for a couple of years. Exterior Our Model Y...
  4. Electric Vehicles
    Strangely, we don't appear to have a dedicated thread about this vehicle yet. Mission E Turns Taycan I'm happy to see somebody else putting out a non-econobox EV. While I bet they'll have a difficult time winning over Tesla owners, I think this will sell well to existing Porsche owners...
  5. Mountain Pass Performance
    Well, in usual MPP fashion we have put our brand new SR+ on the dyno to find out just how fast it is! You might be surprised by the results when compared to our LR RWD! https://www.mountainpassperformance.com/tesla-model-3-sr-dyno-testing/
  6. Model 3: Maintenance & Repair
    Hi, based on the pricing recently revealed for the packages and options does anyone believe the pricing will be similar to that of S and X for maintenance plans? Nothing has ever been mentioned by Tesla about this for 3 and given the higher than anticipated pricing matrix I am trying to figure...
  7. Model 3: Design
    Anyone notice, there was no speedometer, or turn signal indicators, odometer, battery meter, warning lights etc? Only the center display, if they plan to try and pack everything in one screen, I think it's a HUGE mistake, and would be very distracting and uncomfortable watching your speed...
  8. Model 3 size compared to Model S

    This animated gif shows the relative size in profile of the Model 3 compared to the Model S. Scaling was approximated by scaling and lining up wheel sizes (21" on the Model S and 20" on the Model 3) and comparing mirror and size turn signal sizes which appear to be identical on both cars.
1-8 of 8 Results