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  1. Solar Systems
    Thinking about getting Tesla energy! Was hoping to get feedback on the customer support experience around that after and during installation. Especially since energy seems like the less resourced side of the business. What has been your experience so far? Has support changed over time (for the...
  2. Tesla Discussions
    I ordered my Tesla model 3 performance on April 1, 2016 and got delivery in September 2018 in Vancouver along with the Tesla wall charger I purchased . I love my Tesla and the model 3 but lately I am starting to question Tesla's customer service ame how they treat existing customers - so much...
  3. Solar Systems
    Tesla customer service is non-existent. Terrible experience from the start. I should of listen to my gut and NOT used them. I ordered the panels July 2020. They installed the equipment in December 2020. So may excuses and delays that it is just ridiculous. The first rep they assigned me never...
1-3 of 3 Results