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  1. Texas
    ev.energy makes it cheaper to charge your electric vehicle. If you drive a Tesla, Jaguar, Landrover or have a Level 2 charger, then you can use our app to save up to $200 on your home charging. Our app works with your energy supplier and vehicle charger to always ensure you are using the...
  2. Media & News
    He's the man who dared to go further than anyone else! 20 April has been reclaimed as #ElonMuskDay. To celebrate, ev.energy are giving £20/$20 worth of Amazon gift vouchers or 200kg/CO2 offsetting in your name to any Tesla owners who download and complete set-up of our smart-charging rewards...
  3. Canada
    In anticipation of my Model 3, I recently inquired about getting an EV charging station installed in my condo parking garage. I was informed that commencing May 1 the province is implementing new changes for electrical vehicles in condos, at which point they will revisit my request. I decided...
1-3 of 3 Results