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  1. Tesla Experiences
    As a Tesla owner, when you travel: Do you bring your Tesla with you? If yes, do you look for a place to stay with EV charger? Do you want to bring your pet? What do you want the hotel to provide you as an amenity that you do not already get? ex: Car related movies, local coffee/tea brands...
  2. Tesla Tech Talk
    I was at my local Tesla service center yesterday to have a few issues addressed and I wanted to share the experience to those that are not yet owners. I haven't yet used the Tesla Mobile repair service so perhaps @SoFlaModel3 can add to this thread since he had a recent Mobile service call. I...
  3. Model 3: Maintenance & Repair
    I don't see a body or paint repair experiences thread, so figured I'd start one and post my situation: I had someone back into my 3 in a parking lot after only a few weeks of ownership. The damage is minor and appears to be limited to the paint in one small section on the rear bumper (just...
1-3 of 3 Results