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  1. Model S: Design
    I’ve seen post with links to a model 3 illustrator file, has anyone seen or does anyone have one they like to share for model S. Pre Facelift if possible to chrome delete the nose cone.
  2. Tesla Software and Firmware
    Share your Light Show file here; or a link to others that are verified to work. For feedback: Use :thumbsup: or ✅ or ❤️ for good files. Use the ⏳ for files that aren't good or don't work. As always download files from the Internet at your own risk.
  3. Tesla Software and Firmware
    Roughly 1/6 of my Sentry Mode recordings are blank (0-byte) files. Each video stream is only 4 Mbps (total 1.2 MB/s) so it's certainly not a speed issue (any flash drive on the market will easily handle many times that). Plus, the recent clips (from the past hour) are all okay. Many of the...
1-3 of 3 Results