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  1. Model 3
    Interested in peoples thoughts on the lack of spare tire and what options are available? I’ve only owned my model 3 a week and spent all yesterday trying to get it fixed. Hit something that blew out right rear, got safely to hard shoukder then realized I just bought a car that has no spare...
  2. Model Y: Maintenance & Repair
    Recently I noticed that on the Tesla Shop site, instead of the Tire Repair Kit showing Out of Order, it has been removed entirely. Does anyone have an alternative third-party kit they are aware of. Looking for something to take along on a long road trip. Thanks
  3. Model Y
    I wonder if anyone can share their recent roadside service experience for Tesla. I had a flat tire this afternoon and tried to use the Tesla tire repair kit that I bought from Tesla. To my surprise, the kit did not work. seem like no no power was getting to the pump. I then used the tesla...
1-3 of 3 Results