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  1. Model Y
    23 MY performance purchased with FSD. while driving highway, so many times sudden stopping happen and no one has same issue?
  2. FSD (Full self driving) discussions
    Today I got to experience full self-driving on city streets for the first time. It took 3 weeks after I subscribed to get it. I drove from my home to a friend's place about 35 miles away using back roads. I must say I am impressed. I had a single disengagement which came about at a busy...
  3. Tesla Tech Talk
    After a series of phantom braking episodes and unwanted lane changes into turning lanes (left and right) I went to the local dealer and asked for help. (ha ha) I was told that I could do a "voice recording" of an event that would be sent to Tesla to help improve the FSD software. Sometimes I...
  4. Model Y
    Today I used the FSD in the city I noticed the car was not even slowing down when approaching a red light or a stop sign. Has anyone had this happen to your car under similar circumstances?
  5. FSD (Full self driving) discussions
    Tomorrow, Tuesday, October 20 is the day. I'm as anxious to find out who is considered an expert and careful driver as I am to hear of how the new FSD re-write performs.
  6. Model Y
    Saw this on a Tesla Model Y FB group. Looks like an EAP option is now available for the MY and M3 through the Tesla app. For me, this is exactly the kind of autopilot upgrade I was looking for at, what I consider, a reasonable price point. Sean
  7. Tesla Experiences
    Simple, I'm looking for positive experiences of folks using or involving the features of FSD. Are there any?
1-7 of 7 Results