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  1. Model S
    I am a fairly big (5'11"), overweight (240 lbs.), older (approaching 79), "not as flexible as I used to be" guy that keeps bashing his head on the inner top roof jamb when attempting to gracefully get in this beast. I have the Entry Mode set so the seat is all the way back and down, the...
  2. Personal Introductions
    Hi All, Just joined today so just wanted to reach out to say hi and Happy New Year. I am from Canada, living in Spain. I received my Model 3 Performance with FSD in October. Just upgraded the other day to 2021.44.30. Getting used to the changes, my biggest wish at present is that I could change...
  3. FSD (Full self driving) discussions
    Hi all. I had opted into the FSD beta queue as soon as it was available. I put up with the "Driver Score" thing for several weeks. Ultimately, I got tired of waiting as it seemed I was always just below the cutoff for getting access, and I also kept reading bad things about phantom braking...
1-3 of 3 Results