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  1. Personal Introductions
    Hi All, Just joined today so just wanted to reach out to say hi and Happy New Year. I am from Canada, living in Spain. I received my Model 3 Performance with FSD in October. Just upgraded the other day to 2021.44.30. Getting used to the changes, my biggest wish at present is that I could change...
  2. Personal Introductions
    Greetings and Happy New Year! Received my Model Y LR on Black Friday and I love it! Add in my 14kw solar system, I'm driving for free. 😀
  3. Site Help and Suggestions
    We'll be taking a bit of time off so we want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday ! (this was from 2018 but it still works. Watch the outtakes below)
  4. Personal Introductions
    Happy UK M3 owner since Sept 2021.
1-4 of 4 Results