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  1. News from Drive Tesla Canada
    First GMC Hummer EVs roll off production line as GM announces start of customer deliveries General Motors (GM) is starting to ship the GMC Hummer EV to customers in the United States. This is a massive milestone for the automaker as the Hummer EV is the first vehicle on the Ultium platform...
  2. News from Drive Tesla Canada
    GMC Hummer EV user interface includes image that mocks Tesla Cybertruck Neither the GMC Hummer EV nor the Tesla Cybertruck have officially hit the streets, but it looks like General Motors thinks their offering will crush the competition. In a video review of a prototype unit, car enthusiast...
  3. News from Drive Tesla Canada
    First GMC Hummer EV deliveries to begin next month with 329 mile range GMC has announced that deliveries of the Hummer EV will begin as soon as December, taking the electric truck from concept to production in a record amount of time. The automaker revealed at a meeting with journalists on...
1-3 of 3 Results