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  1. Tesla Tech Talk
    The app on my phone is on and I can view the cameras on sentry. The phone however says "Disconnected" Sometimes I am locked out of my car until I use the key card. Sometimes I get inside and then I am asked to swipe the key card. There are many similar scenarios that just do not make sense.
  2. Tesla Software and Firmware
    Model 3 Friends, I am desperately seeking some help/advice on something that happened to me less than 48 hours after taking ownership of my Model 3. Let me explain..... I went to our local farmer's market to pick up our weekly farm share. When I arrived there was quite a bit of traffic and...
  3. Tesla Software and Firmware
    Anybody else seen this? See https://youtu.be/mAdGR5zTjQ4 video documenting a) No phone nearby. (The phone in video was in airplane mode, but I also tried it with phone far away) 1) Touch card key to B pillar to open door 2) Put card key somewhere outside/away from car 3) Get in car 4) Push...
  4. Model 3: Customizing & Modifications
    I wanted a simple way to mod the key card I carry in my Model 3 so that it could be carried in my wallet and hung up by parking valets on a key hook. What I settled on is a simple self-adhesive hanger. The hanger has a few nice qualities: 1. Cheap 2. Lightweight 3. Can still be tucked in a...
  5. Tesla Tech Talk
    Model 3 ships with 2 key cards. For the past week I've had one cell phone and two key cards visible in the Locks area of the UI. Today I purchased and Tesla programmed 5 more key cards. Now I have 7 key cards and 1 cell phone that work with my car. I've tested them all and they all work...
  6. Model 3: Customizing & Modifications
    So I saw a couple of videos about people who have dissolved the plastic on their transportation cards to get out the rfid chip and then placed the chip in a key fob of their own making. Has anyone tried something similar with model 3's keycard? would love to know if anyone has and, if it worked...
1-6 of 6 Results