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  1. News from Drive Tesla Canada
    All-Weather Cargo Liner Set and All-Weather Floor Mats for refresh Model S and X added to Tesla Shop If you are the lucky owner of a refresh Model S or Model X, Tesla has added two new products to their online shop today designed just for you. Model S All-Weather Rear Cargo Liner Set First is...
  2. Tesla Parts for sale
    For Sale: Set of EVANNEX® All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model 3 - (Front Row + 2nd Row). Mats were used for about 2 months in the summer and still look great! Set Retails for ($79.95 + $79.95 = $159.90 USD) + Shipping + FedEx Clearance/Advancement Fees + HST...
  3. Model 3: Customizing & Modifications
    Hey guys - here is my review on Intro-Tech full set of All-Weather floor mats for my White Model 3. They look really great and best part they fit perfectly in the car. I even love the design on the mats its Hexo shape which looking really nice. I added a few pics below. Regarding the Abstract...
1-3 of 3 Results