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  1. Site Help and Suggestions
    ‪Here it is folks, bigger and better than ever!‬ ‪Join me along with @Mad Hungarian @ecfix @SoFlaModel3 and many others in Miami on February 8th! ‬ Special thanks to @EVANNEX , InsiveEVs, Plugin America for sponsoring this event! ‪RSVP to attend using this link ‬ ‬https://www.evsandtea.com/...
  2. Germany
    At this point it's in the making. But as a fan of Tesla and the inspiring community I would like to organize a meetup in the centre of Germany - Fulda - where all the enthusiasts from most parts of Germany would have less than 4 hours commute. The weekend is already chosen (18th or 19th May...
  3. Northeast
    Greetings, fellow TOOers in Massachusetts (and anywhere within driving distance)! There's been some talk of scheduling a meetup before the weather turns too craptastical, so I thought I'd create a separate thread to help us sort out the details. I've added a poll so we can get a rough idea...
  4. California
    It sounded like fun so I registered to join. Anyone else going? https://myteslaadventure.com/tesla-takeover-road-trip/ Hopefully weather is nice! :cool:
  5. Model 3: Reserving, Ordering, Production, Delivery
    I need to get my wife inside a Model 3 before she signs off on buying it for the family. Anyone know of a new owner doing a meetup in the DC are similar to what Riggerjon did in Austin?
  6. Northeast
    THE Thread to check into for any: meetups photo ops local-road-specific autopilot glitches good destination charging spots bad destination charging spots you name it! I'm checking in from Berks county, and reserved on 3/31 at the Devon service center/store.
  7. Canada
    Hi folks It's getting close.... can you feel it? Model 3 production lines going in next week, possible pilot production of cars coming off the line soon.... Model 3 is indeed on time so we're getting closer to that "final reveal" Elon promised a few months ago. Given the timing we think it...
1-8 of 8 Results