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  1. Southeast
    Hello Model 3 Owners Club forum members. This post is mostly directed at all South Florida Model 3 owners (any other Teslas are welcome as well, of course). I'm trying to see if there is some interest to do a meetup to talk about our cars, show them off, and educate people that have interest in...
  2. California
    It sounded like fun so I registered to join. Anyone else going? https://myteslaadventure.com/tesla-takeover-road-trip/ Hopefully weather is nice! :cool:
  3. Northeast
    THE Thread to check into for any: meetups photo ops local-road-specific autopilot glitches good destination charging spots bad destination charging spots you name it! I'm checking in from Berks county, and reserved on 3/31 at the Devon service center/store.
  4. Site Help and Suggestions
    Since we're a world-wide enthusiasts group we're seeing some interest with members wanting to do local meetups to talk about Model 3 and EVs. Given that I can't attend meetups other than what is local to me (Toronto and Southern Ontario) I'm willing to supply local TOO meetups with our official...
1-4 of 4 Results