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  1. Electric Performance Forged Wheels

    Car: Tesla Model 3 Fitment: 20x9" Front Wheels. 20x10.5" Rear Wheels. Wheel Type: Full Custom Forged 2-Piece Construction.
  2. EFP-3 Forged Wheel For Model 3

    Car: 2018 Telsa Model 3 Standard Range. Fitment: 20x9.5" Front Wheels. 20"x10.5" Rear Wheels. Wheel Type: EFP-3 Forged Monoblock Construction.
  3. Vendor Deals
    Hello Tesla Family, I wanted to introduce ourselves in case you haven't heard of us. We are Electric Performance Design! We are the Tesla Forged Wheel experts! We specialize in Forged Wheels made specifically for Tesla! All Electric Performance Wheels are TRULY FORGED and are made from the...
  4. EFP-3 Forged Wheel For Tesla Model 3

    Car: 2019 Telsa Model 3 Performance. Fitment: 20x9" Front Wheels. 20"x10.5" Rear Wheels. Wheel Type: EFP-3 Forged Monoblock Construction.
  5. AftermarketEV
    Hey Everyone! Fall is upon us and lots of people are looking for a new set of wheels for the winter! We're happy to offer the EV01+ and our entire lineup of wheels to help you with all your winter driving needs! Fall isn't the only thing that's recently arrived... FSD Beta is seemingly on...
  6. Model 3: Customizing & Modifications
    Found it on Reddit's Tesla Motors: Edit: It's real! https://tsportline.com/products/19-tst-tesla-wheel-set-of-4-model-3
  7. T Sportline - #1 Tesla Upgrades and Accessories
    Pearl White Performance Tesla Model 3 with 20" TST Tesla Wheels in Matte Black Wheel: TST Size: 20x8.5" front & rear Weight: 31.8 lbs Finish: Matte Black Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Other: Uses factory lug nuts, accepts factory center cap, uses original TPMS.
  8. T Sportline - #1 Tesla Upgrades and Accessories
    The T Sportline TSS Tesla Model 3 Flow Forged Wheel is built exclusively for the Tesla Model 3. It's manufactured in a flow forged process and is available in 3 colors: Space Gray, Gloss Black, and Matte Black. Our Space Gray finish contains dark tones of grey and black mixed with metallic...
  9. Tesla Parts for sale
    I'm selling set of 4 18" aero wheels, covers, tires, and tpms. Wheels, tires and covers are in perfect shape. 250miles. I'm in the Los Angeles/OC/IE area. $1,200 for local pick up. willing to ship on buyer expense.
  10. T Sportline - #1 Tesla Upgrades and Accessories
    We have grown from the ground up and continue to thrive because of our amazing customers. It's time for us to share the love back with our exclusive T Sportline Referral Program. Earn *points with every **purchase, and save to redeem for future **purchases. The program is simple. Send a friend...
  11. T Sportline - #1 Tesla Upgrades and Accessories
    Show off your T Sportline 18" TST, 19" TST, 19" TSS Flow Forged, 20" TST, 20" TSS Flow Forged or your 20" M3115 Forged Wheels here!
  12. T Sportline - #1 Tesla Upgrades and Accessories
    T Sportline is proud to be the World's First Tesla Tuner. It takes a certain courage to believe that one can improve upon a product as revolutionary as a Tesla. For T Sportline, the confidence that we could improve upon Tesla's Model S was the result of over thirty years of experience in luxury...
1-12 of 12 Results