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  1. Model 3
    Hi there, I can't seem to find any good solutions for this online but I am looking for a trash can that will fit in the rear of the car in the spot under the center console. Feels like there should be more than enough space to fit a trash can there I just can't find any specific suggestions on...
  2. Model 3: Mechanical/hardware issues
    My 2018 model 3 was charged to 90% yesterday. This evening I wanted to drive the car but could not get in. Could not open the driver side door and the charge port is locked. Then I tried opening the passenger side door and it opened although the car did not start up. It look like it is getting...
  3. For Sale KW V3 Coilovers

    Tesla Parts for sale
    Only used for 1 summer practically brandnew still. Bought them for $3500 CAD Looking for $2600 and willing to ship
    $2,600 CAD
  4. Videos
    Hello guys I’m new here and want to share my experience with lasfit all weather mats! Shipping was fast right away and it came with driver, passenger, back seats, and trunk. Made a YouTube video check it out!
  5. Model 3: Maintenance & Repair
    After nearly a year since the PCS in my Model 3 started to fail, I finally received yesterday a notification of the outcome of my arbitration case.
  6. Tesla cars for sale
    2021 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD White over Black 21,443 Miles Interested? email me at [email protected]
    $48,900 USD
  7. Model 3: Maintenance & Repair
    I picked up my new model 3 long range last week, as a self proclaimed technophobe possibly a strange choice - i have three problems 1 - Car doesn't show on the app, it a lease and was told it would take 24hours, its now been a week, any ideas ? 2 - Parking camera / sensor not working, the car i...
  8. Model 3: Customizing & Modifications
    All, Is there anyone in the DFW metroplex that has upgraded / added the PWS speaker to their ride that can either assist me to do my 2018 Model 3 MR or could recommend a POC or shop that can make the modification? Willing to pay someone to do it right. 817-992-1822 PHIL
  9. Tesla Parts for sale
    Quantity 2, Tesla 3 Performance tires Michelin Pilot Sport 4s 235/35 ZR20 92Y, like new. Replaced with all season tires after my wife damaged the two other tires. Only 3,000 miles. Asking $125 each, $250 total. These are $393 each new on tire rack
    $250 USD
  10. Model 3
    Hi everyone, I have a 2022 Std. range model 3 and love pretty much everything about it, except the lack of bass from the audio system. Can I just buy a used oem tesla subwoofer box with the attached amp and just plug it into existing wiring or would I have to go the hansshow route and purchase...
  11. Tesla cars for sale
    One owner, new tires, new clear coat on front, always cleaned, and tinted windows! Performance package with new redlined floor mats.
    $56,000 USD
  12. Tesla Software and Firmware
    So the frost is on the pumpkin and young men's (and older ones) thoughts turn to warming up a cold M3 before driving off for .... When in the car we happily have the front seat heater icons back which can make us toasty without the HVAC. BUT I've just discovered that turning on a seat heater by...
  13. Model 3
    I'm trying to do my part to create the beloved corcular economy; thus considering buying a several yr old Tesla. Surprised to find the prices are pretty similar to new ones! I'm assuming most "updates" are delivered via software updates. Am interested to know if there is another compelling...
  14. Model 3
    Hi quick question… I am a M3 owner and have the Tesla App. I can’t see any way to add my wife as a second driver (ie so that she can install the app too and sync to her account). Is there any way to do this or is it restricted to the driver only? If so… can she install the app on her phone...
  15. Tesla Shields
    MIAMI—Tesla Shields co-founders Jason and Sebastien worked together renting out real estate properties before they began making custom accessories for Tesla electric vehicles. But when state laws changed, the pair needed to find another way to stay in business. Paired with interest in Elon...
  16. Other car related items / parts for sale
    I have 2 of these kits! Brand new Hansshow Tesla Model 3 automatic door handle kit for Model 3 years 2017-2020 with Intel Atom CPU Make your Tesla Model 3 door handles pop out almost like a Model S!! Blue LED lights with carbon fibre finish Complete kit comes with everything you need to...
    $300 USD
  17. Model 3: Charging
    Last night I took my Model 3 to charge in a ChargePoint location and this early morning I found a black VE EGolf that took the charging hose from my car to start charging his/her. The lssue is that that cars appears on my Sentri memory but it turned off after and I couldn’t see who was the...
  18. Vendor Deals
    Hi all! We are developers of Teslogic. As Tesla drivers, we felt uncomfortable with the lack of a dashboard in front of the eyes. This could be especially inconvenient on long trips. So we felt the need to do something about it and developed our own transmitter and the app. The transmitter...
  19. Vendor Deals
    📢 For the 3rd anniversary celebration of the Bomely store, the following discounts were specially made to thank everyone for their trust in Bomely. ✅2017-2022 Tesla Model 3 Rear Trunk Side Storage Box - 30% Off - $26.59: Amazon Discount Code ✅2020-2022 Tesla Model Y Front Trunk Luggage Bags -...
1-20 of 354 Results