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  1. Model S
    Hey everyone, I picked up my Plaid a few months ago and suffered the typical delivery day issues like panel gaps. I will say that my local Tesla service center is horrible - but the mobile service has been great. 3 weeks into ownership I got hit at a red light so after waiting on parts, my car...
  2. Get Your Wheels
    AGLUXURY WHEELS AGL72 We just want to share a new design from AGLuxury Wheels and we got them on our own Tesla Model Y! Feel free to comment on them. This was the first set ever made for the AGL72. Machined in California USA. They are available in 19-24 inch. SPECS 22X10.5+35 All around...
  3. Model S: Customizing & Modifications
    Custom made for a Middle-Eastern Business Man. Armoring only added 550 pounds to the base weight of the vehicle. Rated to protect against handgun B4, Rifle 5.56 B5, and High-Powered Rifle 7.62 B6. Talk about a fast getaway...
1-3 of 3 Results