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  1. Model Y
    Good afternoon, I have a Tesla Model Y performance with only 2700 miles and I have a question, I notice a small vibration above 70mph. take the car to service to find out if it could be the foam that has the tires, they checked and everything was fine. They rebalanced the tires again, but it...
  2. Tesla Parts for sale
    Upgrade your new Model Y to 21 inch Uberturbine Performance wheels and Pirelli P Zero tires. My wife is looking for a less "sporty" ride and wants to put the 19 inch summer wheels on our Performance Y. As may be seen in the pictures, the wheels are immaculate (no damage or touch ups). They came...
  3. Model Y
    Just an update on my Model Y shoddy paint job. after 1400 km's my model Y needed $4400 in paint repairs quoted by the authorized Tesla body shop. I have sued Tesla in small claims court to which they have replied "no contest" and we have gone for default judgement. In my opinion this is just...
1-4 of 4 Results