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  1. AftermarketEV
    Hey Everyone! Fall is upon us and lots of people are looking for a new set of wheels for the winter! We're happy to offer the EV01+ and our entire lineup of wheels to help you with all your winter driving needs! Fall isn't the only thing that's recently arrived... FSD Beta is seemingly on...
  2. T Sportline - #1 Tesla Upgrades and Accessories
    Tesla Model Y 19" TSS & TST Flow Forged Wheels are available for Pre order! Get FREE SHIPPING for a Limited Time on all pre-sale orders to the United States and Canada! Fits Performance Tesla Model Y. Manufactured in a Flow Forged Process. Fully tested to the JWL, VIA & SAE J2530 standard...
  3. T Sportline - #1 Tesla Upgrades and Accessories
    Tesla Model Y Aftermarket Wheels are now available: 20" TSS Flow Forged Wheels 20" TST Flow Forged Wheels 21" TY114 Forged Wheels 21" TY117 Forged Wheels
  4. Model Y: Customizing & Modifications
    To all potential Tesla Model Y owners, we started a wheel and tire guide! Since the 2020 Tesla Model Y has not been released, this is a guide based on information to the best of our knowledge. The information in this guide is based on photos, insider data, and sightings of the Tesla Model Y...
1-5 of 5 Results