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  1. Model Y
    Got my new Model Y 2023 and received a yellow warning. It would shortly disappear. Service center check states it is the high voltage control unit. A big job since the structural battery pack/unit has to be disconnected from the car (about 40 bolts) and then the entire vehicle lifted . Anyone...
  2. Model Y
    Auto pilot will turn on wiper intermittently
  3. Model Y
    Hi guys, I am receiving my tesla model Y tomorrow and when I am trying to file my taxes online (i tried this with turbo tax, H&R block and tax rate), they are not allowing me to file for EV tax credit and turbo tax mentions that tesla no longer qualifies for tax credit. I am unable to see any...
  4. Tesla Parts for sale
    Get yourself a deal on a brand new set of 275/40/R19 Nokian Zline A/S tires that I know some are running on Model Y. They have been mounted, removed, but never driven. I am near Fresno, not super far from the Harris Ranch or Visalia Superchargers if you travel between LA and Bay Area. I paid...
    $500 USD
  5. Model Y
    Hey guys, New to the forum and to the Tesla family. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this thread. I just picked up my Model Y Performance on Friday the 10th. I was nervous because of everything I've heard about quality and body panels all that, but when I got there, the car...
  6. Model Y
    Just got my Tesla and was surprised to find out the parking sensor is gone. "Tesla Vision" doesn't seem to provide any alternatives for that. Tested it with a box while reversing and didn't get an alarm, not sure if I'm using it wrong or it's really gone
  7. Model Y
    My wife has not acclimated to the Model Y so she will get an Ioniq 5. Limited I am wondering if anyone has experience with the Model Y and the Ioniq 5. In particular, the ride and HDA II vs FSD. Thanks!
  8. Electric Performance Wheels

    Car: 2020 Telsa Model Y Performance Fitment: 21x9.5" Front Wheels. 21"x10.5" Rear Wheels Wheel Type: Two-piece Construction. Owner: @relaxed_707
  9. Model Y: Maintenance & Repair
    Hi all My beast is a '22 Model Y Long Range, metallic blue, and I love it. Had a small nose bump in the recent UK snow and have done some minor damage to front bumper, driver-side wheel arch trim and driver-side front fascia (or 'fog', as we call them over here!) light. Model 3 has been here...
  10. Model Y
    Tesla claims that their cameras will do the same job as the ultrasonic sensors in a future update.
  11. Model Y
    Hi- I have a ‘22 Y with 20” induction wheels and I‘ve seen the red brake caliper covers on other models and want to get them for mine as well. However, I haven’t seen an OEM version anywhere online and lots of poor reviews from various models sold on Amazon and other 3P sites. Does anyone know...
  12. Model Y
    Hi, new to the forum very interesting stuff. Unfortunately my wife and I will move abroad in a month or so and need to sell our Model Y, which is unfortunate because we have enjoyed it a lot. Have no idea whatsoever what the value would be now, can anybody help please? These are the specs...
  13. Model Y: Charging
    Hi All Last Sunday, we got the delivery of our 7 seats Model Y Long Range. So far we are loving it. We had the home charger installed yesterday and I had a technician coming over due to a problem with opening the glove box which allowed me to raise some questions that I had after using the...
  14. Tesla Parts for sale
    Details: Looking to sell my 20" Induction (Model Y) wheels w/ OEM Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric tires and TPMS. Tires have about 2000 miles on them, still about 80-90% thread left (see photos) Took them off my car because I changed to different wheels. There is a minor scuff on one of the...
    $1,600 USD
  15. Model Y: Rumor Mill
    So is this change prorated for owners of 2022 model Y. Comfort Tesla Model Y suspension kits now come on more US factory versions. Anyone know what the comfort mechanical changes needed...
  16. Model Y: Charging
    This is my second Tesla, however I installed the Tesla Wall Charger with my new Model Y! I set my schedule to start at 23:00, however no matter when I plug my Model Y in it starts changing within 15 minutes! Multiple trips to Tesla Service and they don't see any problems! I know there are tons...
  17. Model Y: Maintenance & Repair
    I've recently noticed that when I'm on a brake hold at a traffic light, the car's brake lights on the screen go on and off as opposed to a steady on. Have you experienced this? Video
  18. Tesla Experiences
    After a recent update disabled the radar, I have experienced several unexpected slowdowns that have made me leery of using Autopilot when other cars are close behind me. I'm also getting forward collision warnings for no apparent reasons. This is raising my stress level. I hope it gets corrected...
  19. Tesla Shields
    MIAMI—Tesla Shields co-founders Jason and Sebastien worked together renting out real estate properties before they began making custom accessories for Tesla electric vehicles. But when state laws changed, the pair needed to find another way to stay in business. Paired with interest in Elon...
  20. Model Y
    I came across these rear trunk storage bin for my Model Y 2021 model and really liked them. I originally got them because I didn't like how the gaps in the rear trunk looked so I got these. The carpet on the lids match with the trunk to it gives it a nice look. The bin itself is made of rubber...
1-20 of 106 Results