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  1. Model Y
    I’ve recently acquired some aftermarket mods for my 2020 Tesla Model Y including a yoke steering wheel, Hannshow touch screen, and power frunk kit. However, step #2 in all the installation procedures is to disconnect the main battery under the back seat. However, I cannot for the life of me...
  2. Model 3: Customizing & Modifications
    Not one of the alibaba ones that we know work easily...an OEM S yoke. I have a good deal on one if I want and would prefer OEM if possible but not if it's going to screw with my electronics/not take the airbag. I don't want to lose my ability to say...turn off the haptic buttons lights since I'm...
  3. Model 3: Customizing & Modifications
    Hey guys, new to the forum and first time tesla owner! Made these cork accents over the weekend was wondering what you guys think :)
  4. Tesla Tech Talk
    The journey waiting for a model 3 has been fun, Now would like start and share my new journey living with a PERFORMANCE MODEL 3. Share everything all the fun experiences, modifications, news relating to Performance model 3 Dual motor. To begin with here is a clip of my model 3 acceleration...
  5. Tesla Tech Talk
    [Mods, I wasn't sure what forum to put this in. It's somewhat technical, so I put it in tech talk. Please feel free to move as appropriate.] Here are some notes about my Performance Model 3 test drive yesterday. It probably needs some more edits, but I was eager to share. Original will be...
  6. Model 3: Customizing & Modifications
    I've never been in favor of the clear bra / piecemeal install of clear film because it always seems like the edges always look dirty and obvious, BUT am considering what I 'need' from RPM Tesla and will for sure be doing the front door sill plate clear film and considering the rear bumper lip...
1-6 of 6 Results