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  1. Model 3: Charging
    I might be missing something, but is there any way to use the tesla screen (to watch vids/music/etc) while supercharging? It seems to only work when I have a door cracked open. I can sometimes get it to play music with the press-to-speak button on the steering wheel, but surely there's some...
  2. Tesla Tech Talk
    I was thinking that Tidal might be great for headphones or good home system. But in car, even as good as my 2018 M3 stereo is, the inherent road noise and wind noise might remove the benefit. Am I wrong? Others subscribe to Tidal since their Tesla provided the option? Notice improvement...
  3. Tesla Software and Firmware
    Here’s a new poll to find out what peoples audio preferences are...
  4. Tesla Software and Firmware
    NPR was one of my goto streaming stations. The favorite now fails to load, and it's no longer listed as an option in the "news" genre. Did they drop it? Also, when I search for certain streams like sports (ie: NHL) and local police/fire radio, I get results but most don't work. Is this...
  5. Tesla Software and Firmware
    All, I'm starting this off with a playlist for those who own or will soon own a Midnight Sliver Model 3. Enjoy on your next roadtrip!
  6. Tesla Software and Firmware
    I'm a new Model 3 owner, and currently have Apple Music on my other devices. I'm considering replacing Apple music with the streaming service (slacker radio, or whatever it's called) provided it gives me all the functionality Apple Music does. A couple things stand out. While I seem to be able...
  7. Tesla Software and Firmware
    Got my M3 yesterday! but I'm sure there's something I'm missing here. I use the voice command and say "play the song Walk like an Egyptian" (daughter loves it) and it searches and then brings up the right song by the Bangles and plays it via streaming. Later that day, I use the voice command...
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    I'll start Stone Temple Autopilots 100D(M)odel(X) ReGenesis kWh and the Sunshine Band Falcon Wings Paula Abdual motors Vanilla ICEd Lady Giga(factory)
1-8 of 8 Results