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  1. Site Help and Suggestions
    I'm a supporting member. I ran ad blocker (ublock origin) on all websites. If a site insists, i'll pay to avoid ads. I thought i was doing that on this site, but i get that adblocker thing on *every* page I load. Its so annoying that i just wont use the forums anymore if it cant be turned off...
  2. News from Drive Tesla Canada
    NASA lunar lander mission with SpaceX delayed due to overly optimistic timelines made worse by Blue Origin lawsuit NASA has announced a delay in its plans to return humans to the moon. After originally planning to launch a crew in 2024, the agency says it now targeting a launch window no...
  3. News from Drive Tesla Canada
    Blue Origin loses lawsuit over NASA Human Landing System contract with SpaceX The US Court of Federal Appeals ruled against Blue Origin in the company's case versus NASA over the SpaceX Human Landing System contract. Federal Judge Richard Hertling sided with the defense. The lawsuit surrounded...
1-3 of 3 Results