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  1. Tesla cars for sale
    Immaculate 2019 Black Model S Performance Full Self Driving with BETA Professional Satin Black Chrome Delete Ceramic Coating Black 21" Tesla Forged Arachnid Wheels. One owner, clean title No Smokers No accidents, excellent condition more pictures to come...
    $84,000 USD
  2. Model S
    There is an low k model s p90d on sell, the colour I like it, and it has insane mode instead of Ludacris. Should I make the purchase or wait for the p100d instead. I read in the forum seem a few negative feed back on p90d battery degrading ,and never gets the true Ludacris performance even with...
  3. Model S
    Hi I be purchase my first Tesla , looking to get an model s. All my previous car were having sunroof, I must have an sunroof even it may have leaking problems later, so my only choice will the either p85d or the pre facelift 2017- 18 p100d, I skip p90d due to the negative feed back on battery...
  4. Tesla Parts for sale
    2017 Model X P100D with 22" Avant Garde M615 Size: 22x9.0 | 22x10.5 Finish: Satin Black Tires: Continental DWS06 265/35/22 | 285/35/22 Other: Hub-centric | OE TPMS Compatible | Custom Offsets available Let me know if you guys have any questions!
1-4 of 4 Results