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  1. Tesla cars for sale
    My one of a kind Model X is for sale. Originally a P90D with Ludicrous, battery upgraded by Tesla to a P100D Signature red, tan interior. 20" wheels, tires almost new. AP1. Fully loaded including tow package. Custom floor mats, stainless steel dead pedal. Partial PPF. Carbon Fiber accents. One...
  2. Model S
    Gotta love his descriptions and enthusiasm! :p
  3. Tesla Discussions
    Aviva is offering vehicles that have automatic emergency braking, a discount of 15% off premiums. I am not too sure if any other insurance brokers offer a similar program but this is something to consider with a Tesla. https://m.avivacanada.com/automatic-emergency-braking-discount
1-3 of 3 Results