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  1. Canada
    I am wondering if anyone has added a "whole House" surge protector in an effort to save the car from a surge which might damage the on board charger? I intend to use the NEMA 14-30 in my garage with the appropriate adaptor.
  2. Model 3
    As above. I may be dumber than usual but I having real trouble changing phones. My wife is default phone and when we are both in car I cannot find the new orders on how to change and connect the other phone. I want to be able to reach Sirius on phone but can no longer make the change (or even...
  3. News from Drive Tesla Canada
    SEC probes Tesla over whistleblower claims on solar panel defects A Freedom of Information Request has revealed the SEC has an active investigation looking into Tesla over a whistleblower complaint. The whistleblower alleges that the company failed to properly notify its shareholders and the...
  4. Model 3: Charging
    New M3 RWD owner still looking into my options for home charging. I had an electrician whom I found recommended on here out to my house to look at everything. Initially he came back and told me that I would need to upgrade my 100amp panel to a 200amp panel to handle the load. He quoted me...
1-4 of 4 Results