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  1. Model Y: Charging
    I have a Model Y 2021 and when I charge it to 90%, I only get a max of 263 miles. I don't use Sentry mode, have done a battery reset and don't do anything really irregular. The advertised range on the Tesla Model Y 2021 is 330 miles, so at a 90% charge level, I need to be getting about 297...
  2. Model S: Customizing & Modifications
    Hello all. I'm thinking of purchasing a Stinger (open style) trailer to pull 2 large motorcycles behind my 2022 resfreshed S. My only real concern is how badly my range will suffer. I have a normal range of 650km/400 miles but... One cold winter night, I was driving home with 2 electric...
1-2 of 2 Results