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  1. AftermarketEV
    Hey everyone! Wanted to share the exciting news that the Fully Forged EV04 have officially arrived! The sizes and finishes available are as follows👇🏼 For those in the USA, you can order through our website @ https://www.aftermarketev.com/collections/fast-wheels-fully-forged If anyone...
  2. Model Y: Customizing & Modifications
    Hi all, I had my tessy for about 3 weeks and in parallel parking already scratched the rims... are there any rugged rims savers you all can recommend ? Thanks a bunch!!!
  3. Canada
    Can anyone recommend good rim and tire shops in Ontario specifically Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge area or Hamilton/Burlington. Thanks
  4. AftermarketEV
    Hey Everyone! Fall is upon us and lots of people are looking for a new set of wheels for the winter! We're happy to offer the EV01+ and our entire lineup of wheels to help you with all your winter driving needs! Fall isn't the only thing that's recently arrived... FSD Beta is seemingly on...
  5. AftermarketEV
    We just launched the new FastEV EV01(+) in Satin Black on AftermarketEV.com To celebrate the new launch, we are offering 5% off these wheels through Monday 5/31 with the code 'LAUNCH5'. The EV01(+) are lighter than the Standard 18" Aero Wheels and offer the same efficiency, with a refined...
  6. Model 3: Customizing & Modifications
    I ordered my Model 3 a few weeks back and trying to get all my ducks in a row so that I can get everything done as soon as I take delivery. I am looking at purchasing some "EFP-8 Forged Wheel Set For Tesla" from Electric Performance Wheels. If anyone has installed a set of their wheels, curious...
  7. Model Y
    I want to get a Model Y but I want to use the BF Goodrich Tires . What size of rim would I need. Could I use the 18" rim
  8. Tesla Discussions
    Hello everyone. Recently I passed on a pothole with my 20 inches performance rims and guess what... Bended them. I got pissed off and I went to a website and I bought a set of EV01+ 18 inches which the manufacture claims it is compatible with Tesla Model 3 Performance. So, after the installation...
  9. Model Y: Customizing & Modifications
    To all potential Tesla Model Y owners, we started a wheel and tire guide! Since the 2020 Tesla Model Y has not been released, this is a guide based on information to the best of our knowledge. The information in this guide is based on photos, insider data, and sightings of the Tesla Model Y...
  10. Model 3: Maintenance & Repair
    OMG Michigan roads!!! So, Here I am loving my Model 3 Performance AWD. So far 2654 miles and trying to get through my first Michigan winter. I am driving a Cadillac AWD on all the terrible days (not a bad beater car), and I long for driving the Tesla every chance I get with mild, but clear...
  11. Model 3: Maintenance & Repair
    Elon confirmed early on in a tweet reply to Model 3 Owners Club that the prototype wheels used at the Model 3 reveal will be produced. Since then, I haven't seen anything further about the wheel design, specifically what appears to be a single, center-point attachment, similar to formula-one...
  12. Tesla Parts for sale
    Selling four 20" Performance Wheels/Tires. Slightly used / 1000 mi. These will fit both RWD and AWD Model 3s. San Jose/Bay Area. $2400 $2400 Comes with 4 x 20X8.5J Sport wheels 4 x 235/35/20 - Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires 4 x tire pressure sensors Has a small rock chip but otherwise all good.
  13. Tesla Parts for sale
    I have a set of Aero wheels, tires and caps with about 100 miles on them. Like new condition. I got a new set of wheels and don't need these anymore. Let me know if you are interested. Pick up only, I live in the Washington DC metro area.
  14. Model 3: Customizing & Modifications
    I'm looking to order a set of Rim Savers...the US site (which seems to be an offshoot/licensee of the UK brand) doesn't ship to Canada...and I just found www.rimsavers.ca - which doesn't claim to be related to either the US or UK brand. Has anyone ordered from these folks before? They talk...
  15. Get Your Wheels
    GetYourWheels posted a thread over at TMC showing pictures of a Model 3 with aftermarket wheels (thanks to @Michael Russo for the original post, and to @Bokonon for the TMC post link). GetYourWheels replied to my request for some more specs. But first, some pictures: The wheels are Avant...
1-15 of 15 Results