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  1. California
    Hey Tesla Owners! If you're a resident of Marin, Napa, Solano and Contra Costa counties, you're likely eligible to earn $10 per month* in bill credits through the new MCE Sync app. MCE, California's first clean-energy cooperative, has developed a new mobile app called MCE Sync to test how...
  2. California
    Happy Friday Fellow Tesla Owners! Our partner MCE has just launched a new program for their utility customers - you get $10 per month just for participating and can save the usual ev.energy +$100 per year for smart charging. They're testing new charging incentives and if app technology is the...
  3. California
    Hi all, I am looking for cheap solutions to charging my M3 in San Francisco. The Daly City supercharger is nice but a bit too far. Destination chargers in the city are in parking lots with often hefty parking fees (like $30/hr) Model 3 does not have ChadeMo adapter to charge at EvGo charging...
1-3 of 3 Results