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  1. Media & News
    Ford and Volkswagen’s Argo investments totaled $1 billion and $2.6 billion, respectively, but the two automakers have now concluded that the dream of fully autonomous vehicles is not worth chasing, at least for now. Read article here.
  2. Media & News
    Baidu, a search engine company with an L4 autonomy vehicle. Impressive specs if they pan out. (Link to article) During its Baidu World 2022 technology conference today, the Chinese technology company unveiled its sixth-generation fully-autonomous vehicle – the Apollo RT6. With a detachable...
  3. North America
    The self-driving option costs an additional $8,000 when installed on a new car. How much value does this same option add to a used 2017 Tesla S75 vs. a similar car without? I have my own research-based opinion as does an insurance company appraiser. These are divergent as one might expect. I'm...
1-3 of 64 Results