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  1. Model 3: Charging
    I might be missing something, but is there any way to use the tesla screen (to watch vids/music/etc) while supercharging? It seems to only work when I have a door cracked open. I can sometimes get it to play music with the press-to-speak button on the steering wheel, but surely there's some...
  2. Model S
    My son has an (I think) 2014 Model S. In any event, it predates the release of cameras and automation. It's just a very nice electric car. He was surprised to find that the wipers came on automatically in the rain. Does anyone know how that works without a camera? What's the sensor?
  3. Model Y
    Tire pressure sensors for rear tires of Model Y display opposite tire readings. Right rear tire repaired after puncture and at that repair left rear checked for slow leak. No reason for slow leak found. Right puncture repair successful but still have slow leak in left rear tire. My main problem...
  4. Model 3: Customizing & Modifications
    Hi everyone, I found this video from i1Tesla about the power liftgate for trunk and frunk for Model 3. I'm aware of the Teslaoffer product. However, this product seems to be much better in price, simpler installation, features (can open/close from the screen besides app and fob), and does...
1-4 of 4 Results