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  1. Model 3: Charging
    I’ve got sentry mode set to shut off at home but it still goes on and because of that I’ve got a lot of phantom drain. I think it’s because Tesla only lets me set my address where google sees my address at the bottom of my driveway. My car is parked 400’ away at the house and I haven’t been able...
  2. Tesla Software and Firmware
    Well… can’t say I’m impressed with Sentry mode. Parked my car for 4 days in airport parking. It was an designated EV parking spot with slow charging for EV’s, and there was extra space between the cars. Car was trickle charging the entire time, so was fully charged and no reason for Sentry...
  3. Tesla Software and Firmware
    I just got a new Model S and got a 128gb drive. It looks like it’s recording fine but I’m unable to view the clips or cameras on the viewer in the car. It tries to load and alternates between a white window and turns black occasionally but it never loads and the spinner keeps spinning. Help!
  4. Jeda Products
    SALES LIVE ON THE WEBSITE! Thanks for your support $10 off Jeda USB Hub: jedahub $20 off Jeda Wireless Pad: jedapad $40 off Jeda Bundle: jedabundle http://getjeda.com
  5. Tesla Tech Talk
    Hi all, At some point in the past, I must have allowed iTunes to convert my .mp3 collection to .m4a. Now I am trying to use music on a USB stick for the first time with the Model 3, and it appears Tesla does not support the .m4a format. Anyone know of a good tool for converting a crap-ton of...
  6. Model 3: Maintenance & Repair
    Footage from my right side repeater camera always have glitches when recorded on Sentry Mode. Every recorded footage by the right repeater have glitches. I don't see any issues on footages recorded during regular driving. All other cameras are fine. I've attached several screen shots from my...
  7. Tesla Software and Firmware
    You can view the three angles simultaneously, quickly scrub through all of your clips in one swipe, and export the clips into a single file. NOTE: 1.0.1 update was just approved a few minutes ago that fixes a crash related to video clips saved from a 2019.16.x firmware car. It should be going...
  8. Tesla Software and Firmware
    Oooh! They've been listening to feedback regarding Model 3 break-ins it seems. Very happy I have EAP.
  9. Tesla Software and Firmware
    Roughly 1/6 of my Sentry Mode recordings are blank (0-byte) files. Each video stream is only 4 Mbps (total 1.2 MB/s) so it's certainly not a speed issue (any flash drive on the market will easily handle many times that). Plus, the recent clips (from the past hour) are all okay. Many of the...
1-9 of 9 Results