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  1. Model X: Maintenance & Repair
    I have a 2019 Model X with 17K miles on it. On December 4th the car started giving me issues. December 8th it would no longer start. We had to have it towed to the Tesla Service Center in Rockville, MD. Service guys took several days to figure out what was happening. At first they tried to give...
  2. Cybertruck: Design
    Elon has just confirmed they're keeping the final design the same size as the prototype. He had said earlier this year they would shrink it by 3-5% but have decided against that.
  3. Model 3: Charging
    Folks, I might have stumbled upon the official battery capacity of the Long Range Model 3, and that's indicated by the number 74 in the Tesla Trip Planner URL below...
  4. Tesla Experiences
    I've had my Model3 since early December yet, neighbors, co-workers, and strangers confuse the car as a Model S. Just this morning a parent at my kids' school was shocked by the size. He's on the waitlist and just assumed it was the S because he was expecting a much smaller looking car. When he...
  5. Model 3: Design
    Anyone notice, there was no speedometer, or turn signal indicators, odometer, battery meter, warning lights etc? Only the center display, if they plan to try and pack everything in one screen, I think it's a HUGE mistake, and would be very distracting and uncomfortable watching your speed...
  6. Model 3 size compared to Model S

    This animated gif shows the relative size in profile of the Model 3 compared to the Model S. Scaling was approximated by scaling and lining up wheel sizes (21" on the Model S and 20" on the Model 3) and comparing mirror and size turn signal sizes which appear to be identical on both cars.
1-6 of 6 Results