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  1. Tesla Parts for sale
    OEM Roof Rack for Tesla Model 3. Original packaging. Instruction manual and key lock is included. Original sale price = $400. The only pieces not included is a plastic clear sticker that is placed on the vehicle to protect paint. You could cut any 3M protective stick-on sheet to size for same...
    $150 USD
  2. Vendor Deals
    On rainy days there will always be rainwater entering the front trunk. This rubber water retaining strip has a good seal and can block water and some small debris. You can see details: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B687JCXZ/ Model 3 Front Trunk Hood Water Retaining Strip Discount code: O67VBQJL
  3. Tesla Shields
    Our Co-founder Jason with the one and only Tesla Raj Its been a little over two weeks since I last provided an update and so much has happened so let’s dive in! First, the TeslaShields Team took a nice 3 hour road trip from Los Angeles to San Luis Obispo where we attended the Tesla...
  4. Tesla Shields
    Tesla launched its latest 4680 battery cell in 2020, a new tabless cylindrical cell with a much larger format that, according to the company, has six times the power and five times the energy capacity while being considerably less expensive. Tesla has been manufacturing the 4680 cells at a...
  5. Tparts
    Do you know Tesla will collect data from cabin camera if you enabled data sharing? While we trust Tesla wouldn't misuse users data, there's always a risk of data breach. And you definitely don't want to be watched while you camping in your Tesla. TPARTS Cabin Camera Slide protect your privacy...
  6. Tparts
    If you are a Carbon Fiber Lover, you don't want to miss our Real Carbon Fiber Side Camera Cover. Adding more sport appearance to your Tesla by covering the black/chrome side camera with our real carbon fiber pieces. ATOS 3D digital measurement makes sure the cover 100% fits the side camera...
  7. Model 3
    Does anyone know the kW’s used for the various accessories such as lights, heater, AC, fan, defroster, etc?
  8. Model 3: Customizing & Modifications
    I know there's tons of accessory sites for customizing our Teslas - I came across this one on IG and thought I'd share it with the community here! www.tezlamania.com Their customer service was pretty great so I purchased a few things from them. The lighting kit, and the inside door panel guard...
1-8 of 8 Results