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  1. Model Y
    AGLUXURY WHEELS AGL72 We just wanted to share a new design from AGLuxury Wheels and we got them on our own Tesla Model Y! Feel free to comment on them. This was the first set ever made for the AGL72. Machined in California USA. They are available in 19-24 inch. SPECS 22X10.5+35 All around...
  2. T Sportline - #1 Tesla Upgrades and Accessories
    Tesla Model Y 19" TSS & TST Flow Forged Wheels are available for Pre order! Get FREE SHIPPING for a Limited Time on all pre-sale orders to the United States and Canada! Fits Performance Tesla Model Y. Manufactured in a Flow Forged Process. Fully tested to the JWL, VIA & SAE J2530 standard...
1-3 of 3 Results