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  1. California
    Hello Tesla people in LA (Zip Code 91423) A Co-worker who is currently leasing a Chevy Bolt - and is possibly considering switching to a Tesla model 3 and is looking for some insights. Would some one be willing to provide feedback of going from a Chevy Volt to a Tesla Model 3? If you'r really...
  2. Tesla Experiences
    <---- Wm Karlsson making the best goal ever! at @Michael Russo's request, here's my recap from renting a Model 3 from Turo yesterday (Marcus if you are on here, thanks again for making your car available!). As I warned Michael, I am sure there is nothing new that I'll be adding that hasn't...
  3. Tesla Experiences
    Hi guys! My name is Christian, and along with my friend, I run the everythingtesla account on Instagram. I have been looking for a generous Model 3 owner who would allow us to briefly test drive the car and collect some videos and photos to post on the account. The owner (owner's account if you...
  4. Tesla Experiences
    My friend and I test drove a Model X yesterday at the Corte Madera showroom location. This was my second time driving a Tesla (and the first time for my friend. We were both excited and nervous about traveling so far in an ICE car to drive an EV. Unfortunately, traffic was so bad. We were...
  5. Northwest
    Howdy Pac NW'ers. This is specific to Portland, but if you're from nearby you may also be interested. Just did a test drive of the 2017 Chevy Bolt EV (am still currently planning on buying the Model3, just doing due diligence). It was a very impressive car and knowing that I could definitely get...
  6. Model 3: Rumor Mill
    My source came through again!!! We will get a chance to test drive Model 3 if you're worried. Tesla has an internal contest for owner advisors that do the best will have a chance to test drive the Model 3 for 3 days.
1-6 of 6 Results