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  1. Model Y
    Waiting for Y. In the meantime, reading the manual. Stumbled upon this, can anybody explain to me why I need to mess with the tire pressure every time I tow? Never had to do this with any other SUV or truck we had. What is the default tire pressure on a Y? I am expecting the very common 32psi...
  2. Model Y
    Can someone direct me to where there are pictures of the tow hitch for Europe? I want to see if its one piece with the ball/neck or if its a separate part you insert/remove the same as for Model X
  3. Model 3: Charging
    This is towing the car behind an RV or motorhome or sometimes called dingy towing. I understand the car will initially charge but what happens when it reaches 100% SOC? Thanks, Bob Wilson
  4. News from Drive Tesla Canada
    First real-world Rivian R1T towing test shows huge range loss The Rivian R1T has a towing capacity of 11,000 lbs. According to the company's website, towing at that weight will reduce range "by about 50%." In the first real-world R1T towing test, that number is accurate, and if anything might...
  5. Tesla Experiences
    New MY owner here. Suffice to say it's a bit small for our families "stuff" when going on trips. I'm looking for a very small (20-50 cubic foot) enclosed utility trailer. This is the best I've found, has anyone else found something similar to share their experience? Here is what I'm looking...
  6. Model Y
    Hey folks, I'm new here. You can see from my profile I'm not an owner. I'm very excited about the idea of EVs. I've been reading mostly about Tesla for a few months now and get a kick out of how passionate Tesla owners are, and conversely, how idiotic die-hard ICE fans can be. I admire and...
  7. Model 3: Maintenance & Repair
    If you have been following me on twitter (@mbrucem), you will know of my trip from Fremont to MN, and the issue that I had on the 3rd night in Council Bluffs, IA. Net: Tesla service has been great, but the towing partners might need an upgrade. My car is in service and I will likely have it...
1-7 of 7 Results