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  1. Tesla Parts for sale
    These are almost new Model Y 19 inch Gemini wheels with around 500 miles on them. $1300 for 4 wheels with original tires, TPMS, and Gemini wheel covers. These will fit on any Model Y. No scratches or wheel rash. Tires with like new tread. Local pickup preferred. Purchased from another forum...
    $1,300 USD
  2. Model Y
    Does a 2020 MY come with the older tpms sensors? I've heard the 21 and newer have bluetooth sensors. Can someone confirm or how I can check to see what I've got. TIA
  3. News from Drive Tesla Canada
    Bluetooth Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) added to Tesla Shop Tesla has added a new product to their online shop in Canada and the US that will make a lot of owners happy. Until now if you wanted to purchase the Bluetooth Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) sensors, you had to order...
  4. Model 3: Maintenance & Repair
    "UI_a017 Tire pressure monitoring system fault - pressure sensor fault may clear next drive" I usually can find a fix things by google search or RTFM but here I am stuck. Anyone have a simple fix? 1. Bought a used second set of Tesla OEM 19" sport wheels, ebay 433 MHz TPMS and winter tires for...
  5. Personal Introductions
    Hi there, I received my Model 3 LR 2021 beginning of December and I really enjoy every drive with it. The first few weeks were a bit of a hazzle without the proper tire pressure sensors in my winter wheels. Due to the Bluetooth tpms sensor shortage here in Europe I had to live with the annoying...
  6. Tesla Parts for sale
    I upgraded to 21" wheels from my referral bonus, hence selling my old wheels. Located in SF bay area. They are from 2016 models S, including original wheels with Michelin Primacy Mxm4 tires (245/45R19). The total miles on the tires is about 35K. Overall very good condition except some scratch...
  7. Wanted
    Wanted: Set of Model 3 18in Aero wheels and tires with tpms sensors. I’m in the Seattle area, but willing to have them shipped. If your looking to sell yours send me a price.
  8. Tesla Parts for sale
    Model 3 18" Aero Wheels/Tires/ TPMS only 6300 miles - $599 plus shipping Wheels, and tires are in mint condition including Aero caps, except one wheel has minor rash as shown in IMG4026 Would prefer local pickup, but can ship from Orange County, CA. Buyer payrs shipping
  9. Tesla Parts for sale
    $2500 OBO - No issues, no curb rash, no holes, pretty fresh tires.(Pilot Sport 4S with acoustic foam), ceramic coated. Clean etc. Prefer local(Greenville, SC) will meet halfway to Charlotte/Atlanta etc. Comes with caps/lugs
  10. Tesla Parts for sale
    I'm selling my OEM Wheels and Tires from my 2019 Tesla Model 3 Mid Range. The Michelin Primacy MXM4 235/45WR18 tires have 95% tread remaining and <1300 miles of highway use . As most folks know, these wheels can be used without the hubcap and look great!. However, I'm including the Aero Wheel...
  11. Tesla Parts for sale
    Hello, Selling a set of Model 3 18" Aero wheels. Stock Michelin MXM4 Primacy tires, 478 miles driven. TPMS included. Three of the wheels are perfect, one wheel has a small nick as shown in 1st (left wheel), 2nd, and 3rd pics. Easily fixable as shown near bottom of this thread , I'm just lazy :)...
  12. Tesla Parts for sale
    Only 300 miles on wheels/tires before I took them off my Model 3. 18" Aero wheels, Michelin Primacy MXM4, 235/45-18 tires (full tread as seen in pictures) Includes OEM TPMS and Aero Caps Perfect Condition I put white Rim Blades around the edges of the wheels for protection. It can easily be...
  13. Tesla Tech Talk
    As we know, Tesla used big beefy M14 wheel studs on our cars. This limits our wheel choices. Or does it? We just got our new 19x10 Advan RGIII wheels for the front of our track setup, and needed to have the lug nut holes opened up to accept the M14 studs. We went to our friendly local machine...
  14. Tesla Tech Talk
    I bought a 20" wheel/tireTPMS package from Tirerack, and swapped them on my model 3. However the car wouldn't recognize the TPMS sensors - and just gave an error on screen which won't go away. I read in the manual that apparently you have to drive around for 15 mins at min of 15MPH (or...
  15. Tesla Tech Talk
    I was planning on the Aero wheels now that I saw how great they look with the covers off, but I was considering an aftermarket set possibly for summer. So how to handle the TPMS sensors? If the sensors are standard, most of the larger wheel and tire retailers can add them and ship as a package...
  16. Model S: Maintenance & Repair
    I'm wondering if tesla model s will auto sync in settings menu to new TPMS sensors that I buy from tirerack.com or if I have to pay to sync them to the car at tesla service center? And any updates for Tesla to allow owners to buy parts?
  17. Tesla Tech Talk
    Anyone know if the model 3 is direct or indirect tire pressure monitoring system? I know the model s/x is direct. For s/x owners, can you permanently disable your direct tpms so there is no audio/visual warnings?
1-17 of 17 Results