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  1. Tesla Software and Firmware
    I don;'t know if this is a latest iOS effect or a v11 effect, or a combination, but i'm running both and see a new behavior. It used to be that when I pulled up the app and charging was finished, i had a button to "unlock charge port". If charging had not finished then I got a button to stop...
  2. Tesla Software and Firmware
    According to Apple, the next update to IOS and the watch will include the “CarKey” feature, that will Lock/Unlick NFC capable vehicles. Will this include Tesla? I hope I stated the question correctly. I have a M3, iPhone 8+, and a Apple Watch 4. TYIA!
  3. Tesla Tech Talk
    Sorry if this has been discussed already (I just couldn't find a thread searching the forums). I have noticed a little too frequently that when I approach my Model 3 the door will not unlock and the dashpad will instruct me to use the key card to unlock. It appears often though not always after...
1-3 of 3 Results