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  1. Model Y
    My 82 year old female friend just traded her 2 year old Model S for a new model Y. The MY came with 19” Continental tires and she’s complaining that it rides harder then her old Tesla. Said she feels all bumps etc. I expect it’s because of the low profile 255/45/19 Size, not the brand. She...
  2. AftermarketEV
    Hey everyone! Wanted to share the exciting news that the Fully Forged EV04 have officially arrived! The sizes and finishes available are as follows👇🏼 For those in the USA, you can order through our website @ https://www.aftermarketev.com/collections/fast-wheels-fully-forged If anyone...
  3. Model Y
    Large ask. Maybe too large; brand new member who doesn't really know way around this group. Interested in ordering a Y, and I wonder what wheels and tires to get? My observation from afar is that most folks value the look of wheels and tires a lot, and function comes in a distant 2nd. Or 3rd. I...
1-3 of 3 Results