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  1. Model S
    Greetings from San Diego! Hello, First time on this Forum, and I have joined it! Pretty awesome community that was built here. Already have solved one of my problems with the XM radio not working! I took delivery of the new Model S a couple weeks ago and have had a few issues but for the most...
  2. The Charging Forum
    I might be missing something, but is there any way to use the tesla screen (to watch vids/music/etc) while supercharging? It seems to only work when I have a door cracked open. I can sometimes get it to play music with the press-to-speak button on the steering wheel, but surely there's some...
  3. The Charging Forum
    Anyone seen all of these before? Woke up today to this torrent of issues... next available service center appointment is 3 weeks away. I dont think there's anything wrong with the 12V battery as it's a 2 year old lithium ion. Help?
  4. Personal Introductions
    NJ shore checking in. Got my Model 3 in September and have been really loving this thing. Trying not to be 'that guy' but its hard not to.
  5. Model S
    I am a fairly big (5'11"), overweight (240 lbs.), older (approaching 79), "not as flexible as I used to be" guy that keeps bashing his head on the inner top roof jamb when attempting to gracefully get in this beast. I have the Entry Mode set so the seat is all the way back and down, the...
  6. Electric Vehicles
    In many ways hydrogen vehicle are electric vehicles. The electricity I just stored in hydrogen instead of lithium ion batteries.
  7. Model 3: Mechanical/hardware issues
    I’ve had Tesla five for about six months and never seen this before. I always have my car charge at midnight and it looks like it lost 7% and ran the heater for seven hours parked in my garage after charging completed?
  8. News from Drive Tesla Canada
    Tesla heat pumps failing in extreme cold due to firmware issue, here's how to help prevent it while a fix is developed Many parts of Canada are currently experiencing record cold temperatures, with some regions dropping to below -40°C (-40°F). The extreme cold has resulted in a number of Tesla...
  9. Tesla Software and Firmware
    Normally, I charge my car to 90% and get an estimate charge of 217,219 and sometimes 220 ... past few days the car was sitting in the garage without a charge. I just looked and the charge fell to 124M ... So I thought I will charge the car again ... charging started but the estimate for 90%...
  10. FSD (Full self driving) discussions
    Hi all. I had opted into the FSD beta queue as soon as it was available. I put up with the "Driver Score" thing for several weeks. Ultimately, I got tired of waiting as it seemed I was always just below the cutoff for getting access, and I also kept reading bad things about phantom braking...
  11. Off Topic Lounge
    So much talk in the forums about how to add electrical devices to the Tesla's. Here is what happens in the Corvette's when you don't do it right. Also interesting how the writer of the article mentions Tesla in line 1 about how you do it right when you design from the ground up...
  12. Personal Introductions
    I'm Steve, from Rochester, NY. I have a 2020 M3 LR and love it. Except when my door handles freeze from cold and ice conditions, then I don't love it too much. But overall, I've had a great experience.
  13. Model Y: Customizing & Modifications
    Hi all, I had my tessy for about 3 weeks and in parallel parking already scratched the rims... are there any rugged rims savers you all can recommend ? Thanks a bunch!!!
  14. Tesla Software and Firmware
    I posed this question in the FSD thread which in hindsight wasn't the correct place to put it. Reposting here for wider exposure. We have endless conversation about braking that occurs during TACC or AP which seems to have no apparent cause. I have undesired braking, but in the cases I'm...
  15. Model X: Maintenance & Repair
    Losing connectivity again today - 12/12/2021; Anyone else having this issue? No App, traffic w/navigation. Ughhh
  16. Tesla Tech Talk
    I use Traffic-Aware Cruise Control and Auto Steer a fair amount on my M3. Generally it works fine and makes driving easier. However, when using it in the right lane, the car tries to keep itself centered in the lane, and when you get to an entrance ramp it will move to the right because it...
  17. The Charging Forum
    Taking a trip up to Detroit (coming from Chicago). Topped up the charge of my 3 to 90% and hit the road. Made the first leg of the drive (~2.5hrs/150mi) and was down to just under 20% SOC. Kinda sucks as it’d mean I’d have only ~220mi on a full charge. Plugged into a SC in Portage, MI and...
  18. Model Y
    Hi I’ve had my Y for about a month now. Just noticed it went from 108 miles left, then to 98, then to 88 today. I haven’t driven the car since last Sunday. What’s going on? Thanks
  19. The Charging Forum
    In his latest Viedo where he drove a Rivian pickup, he mentioned that he only charges his car to that 50% for longevity of his battery. Do you think that is way to conservative or spot on or? Goes in the face of everything I have read..even on our Tesla charge settings..Drive vs Trip
  20. Tesla Tech Talk
    hello, when i charge i draw the full 48A. but when scheduled, and waiting on the scheduled start time, the screen says that it is drawing 3 amps / 48. why? my expectation is that it would be 0 amps until the start time. thank you!
1-20 of 22 Results