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Hey everyone!

Wanted to share the exciting news that the Fully Forged EV04 have officially arrived!



The sizes and finishes available are as follows👇🏼


For those in the USA, you can order through our website @ https://www.aftermarketev.com/collections/fast-wheels-fully-forged

If anyone has questions regarding the EV04 or any other wheels on our site feel free to comment here, send us an email @ [email protected] , or give us a call at (941) 405-4193

Initial stock is somewhat limited so be sure to get your orders in ASAP if you're interested in getting these wheels on your Model 3 or Y for the upcoming summer!

P.S. Our end of year sale continues to run with limited quantities remaining! Great time to grab wheels for the S/3/X/Y at the lowest prices of the year. SHOP NOW

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I may be a bit biased but I am still in awe with these wheels. Especially the brushed aluminum finish!!

I recommend all Tesla Model 3 & Model Y owners to check out the wheels and see what it looks like on your vehicle at fastev.ca.


Check out the Fast EV forum to be apart of future design process's to have your input heard.
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