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Our Touchscreen Edge Protector is patent-pending, having taken 18 months to develop, over many iterations, until we engineered the current version that melds seamlessly into your beautiful Model 3 or Model Y interior, providing a level of protection that cannot be found in any other product. Entirely designed, engineered, and manufactured in the United States, without lead or cadmium or other icky chemicals. 100% pure silicone.

If you run a finger over your Model 3 or Model Y touchscreen, you'll feel a beveled edge. Sadly, if you accidentally tap that edge with the right material and with just the right amount of force the screen can crack, possibly turning your wonderful machine into a giant brick. People in various forums have noted that they've accidentally cracked their touchscreen with an innocuous tap of their cell phone. In some instances of cracked screens, the physics in question relate to a precise frequency created by an accidental tap, such as a glass-on-glass tap. This is why car burglars use ceramic spark plugs to break window glass: the frequency of the vibration-tap is just right to shatter a car window. Your TesProtect touchscreen edge protector prevents the beveled edge of your touchscreen from having this unhappy accident.

We provide a 90-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee: just return it for a full refund within 90 days of purchase.

The TesProtect Team
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